To Become a Member

The CDM­EB, guided by the Conference/Meeting of the Parties in Bali and Poznan, wishes for more interaction with the private sector, especially with companies from CDM host countries. The PD Forum is reaching out to you, to ensure your voices are heard and your views have an influence on the future of CDM and Kyoto flexible mechanisms.

All organisations involved in the development of emission reducing projects are invited to join the PD Forum. Full membership is reserved for project developers who have 10 or more projects listed in the CDM or JI pipeline. Affiliate membership is available to all other organisations interested in emission reduction project development. Under this structure the PD Forum can ensure that issues addressed are specifically relevant to project origination, validation, registration, verification, issuance and operation while at the same time benefitting from an extensive network of ideas and expertise available for discussion within the PD Forum.

Key benefits of membership include:

Interaction with the UNFCCC. Membership will help you to keep abreast with the latest changes to our industry coming from the UNFCCC, as well as the prospective US scheme and other regional initiatives.

Representation before key CDM/JI regulatory bodies. Membership gives you a voice to the regulator. The PD Forum is the first organisation representing project developers that has drafted Terms of Reference with the UNFCCC Sustainable Development Mechanisms Division.

Networking with other project developers. Membership will provide you with technical information, advocacy and professional networking opportunities. Interactive conference calls are held on a weekly basis by the Board of Directors to disseminate information to members and update the membership on the ongoing activities of the PD Forum. These calls also serve as a platform to discuss contemporary issues affecting project developers, such as CDM­EB decisions, new methodologies and other related issues. Members will be given access to the PD Forum’s extensive network of carbon professionals.

Join the PD Forum today: to do so please send an email with the following information to office@pd­

  1. Company name.
  2. Name and telephone number of representing person.
  3. List of countries in which you mainly develop CDM projects.
  4. Number of CDM projects you have in your pipeline, split into registered projects, projects under validation and pre­validation projects.

Fees: The PD Forum is a member­run organisation with no full­time hired staff and we encourage all members to participate in running the PD Forum. We offer very affordable membership fees with the goal of attracting the greatest possible participation.

The annual membership fee for full membership of the PD Forum is £600 (GBP) per organisation. This is used to cover administrative costs.

Affiliate membership fees are based on organisation size and defined in the PD Forum membership rules as follows: 

Affiliate Membership fees are as follows:

Free for organisations from a least developed country (LDC),
100 GBP for organisations in a non­LDC with less than 5 employees,
200 GBP for organisations in a non­LDC with between 5 and 19 employees, 500 GBP for organisations in a non­LDC with between 20 and 100 employees 1500 GBP for organisations in a non­LDC with more than 100 employees.