We are a social enterprise established to support and promote climate change interventions in developing nations under a business model approach based on the international carbon markets. ‘Fair Climate Fund Netherlands’ is our larger community space whereas FCF India team is a dedicated pool of Climate & Sustainability professionals who provide customised services and solutions under various aspects of Climate Change. The FCF India is privately help entity which is a result of the vision of a Climate-prenure ‘Jasmeet Singh Bajaj’ who wishes to dedicate his career towards serving for a green climate, clean energy and sustainable practices across the industries. With sectoral experience of over a decade, the founder keeps the vision to professionally drive the organization and deliver righteous, balanced, transparent and quality solutions to Climate Change mitigations for the global community. The FCF Team comprises of sectoral experts and experienced professionals; who are perseverant, passionate and ambitious to bring positive changes into the global climate change era. The core DNA of the organization is comprised of leaders and visionary minds who believe in delivering solutions beyond a regular business practice. As an organization FCF India already had prodigious market access in Asia, Africa and also in developed nations especially in Europe; this gives us an advantage to provide unparalleled services in the carbon market. As an organization we are growing up every day with more geographical footprints and we are adding up more experts into our team. We are currently focusing on expanding our presence and serviceability across various geographies and wish to add more and more skilled and competent professionals into our team.