First Climate is a globally leading provider of carbon and energy consulting, green investments expertise and climate neutral & water services. We are guided by our objective to assist businesses and investors in reducing their impact on our global climate.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and Frankfurt, Germany, First Climate has more than 16 years of experience in low carbon development, emission trading and green investments. First Climate’s services range from project development over green funds management to customized consulting services for governmental bodies, financial institutions and large corporations. First Climate employs about 35 experts worldwide and has access to a large network of decision-makers in politics, businesses and NGOs.

Our core business activities

First Climate operates in three core business areas. The wide range of products and services offered in these areas cover various aspects of climate change mitigation and adaptation, thus allowing for a well informed and integrated approach to our clients’ needs.

Green Investments

Our Green Investments Team originates, assesses and manages renewable energy and carbon projects. The assets are selected to deliver attractive returns to investors while at the same time contributing to the fight against global warming and other environmental problems. First Climate has been a leading investor in energy and carbon for more than a decade. We have advised and executed investments in excess of EUR 500 million. Also, First Climate recently acted as investment advisor to various carbon funds including the Post 2012 Carbon Credit Fund established by the European Investment Bank and four other leading European public financing institutions.


For governments, multilateral institutions and privately owned companies, First Climate offers consulting services on climate and renewable energy policies, development of GHG reduction programs, implementation of market-based instruments such as emission trading systems and on energy and energy efficiency related questions. First Climate provides tailor-made advisory to institutional and corporate clients with regard to strategic positioning and compliance requirements for emission trading and low carbon development. This includes the assessment of regulatory changes, implementation of climate change policies, development of climate change mitigation strategies and policies, monitoring, reporting and verification of emissions etc. First Climate develops effective compliance strategies and provides advisory services on sales and trading options as well as investment opportunities, always taking into account upcoming policy and legislative changes. First climate is an accredited Auditor for Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction projects by the Swiss Government.

Climate Neutral & Water Services

In the voluntary market, First Climate supports companies that wish to integrate climate protection into their corporate social responsibility strategy. The Climate Neutral department calculates their corporate carbon footprint and offsets unavoidable emissions by retiring carbon credits irrevocably from the market. Over 500 large to mid-sized clients are what make First Climate one of the world’s leading service providers for climate protection and water solutions. Until today, First Climate has offset more than 14 million tons of emissions reductions from verified climate projects. This is equivalent to the emissions caused by 1.4 million German citizens in one year. The emissions reductions come from projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, South & North America as well as Australia.