We fight energy poverty and climate change with projects and technology that benefit those most vulnerable to climate risks.

UpEnergy builds high-quality decarbonization projects that improve lives. We do this with support from partners who believe in a just energy transition in which low-income people are prioritized by climate finance. 

We work in low-income communities to fight climate change while providing income opportunities, low-cost, life-improving clean technologies, and improvements to local environments and agriculture.

Our approach centers on applying our expertise across climate finance, monitoring and evaluation, engineering, behavioral science, and local operational insights. This ensures we deliver projects with high integrity, measurable impact, and significant social benefit.

We seek to channel the most value in the fight against climate change to the global south.

UpEnergy is focused on the environmental integrity of the reductions we generate. All projects are registered with the United Nations, Gold Standard or VERRA SD VISTA and in several dimensions we use more rigorous monitoring and evaluation procedures to ensure the highest quality credits.