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Five young entrepreneurs seek to change the world

In the summer of 2006, five young entrepreneurs from scientific, economic, and environmental backgrounds teamed up in Zurich to found South Pole Carbon - later South Pole Group. Their vision was to bring together people from innovative NGOs, multinational organisations and top notch business consultancies to create the distinctive mix of minds needed to address the formidable challenge of climate change. And so the founders of myclimate joined former World Bank officers, UNFCCC experts and McKinsey consultants to realise their initial vision: to use market mechanisms to foster efficient and sustainable emission reduction projects on a premium level.

Company Overview

Developing Solutions Worldwide

Our solutions

Our Solutions

Board of Directors

The Boards of Directors of South Pole Holding Ltd and its largest subsidiary South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd, both based in Zurich, consists of three highest ranking external personalities, one representative of the Swiss family office Corisoland CFO Christoph Grobbelas Chairman. The recent separation of the management function and the board function in the company represents the ideal case of corporate governance and will professionalize South Pole even further. The three external board members are:

South Pole Group Board

Shareholder Structure of South Pole Holding Ltd

Shareholder Structure


South Pole Group Impact

South Pole Group Impact

Selected highlights of Client Work

  • Under the direct action measures Australian government contracts companies to develop emission reduction projects in Australia. In the first two auctioning rounds in 2015, contracts of about AUD 280 million were awarded to projects managed by the South Pole Group.
  • Together with Emerald Technology Ventures, South Pole manages the Swiss Technology Fund for the FOEN. The fund receives CHF 25 million p.a. out of the CO2levy (up to CHF 200 million until 2020) and can give out loan guarantees of up to CHF 500 million to Swiss cleantechcompanies for them to roll out their technology.