Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence

(Affiliate Member)

"Dubai Carbon Conceptualises, Manages, Executes and Monetises GHG Reduction Measures"
Dubai Carbon is a green economy and low carbon think tank established to fulfill a regional gap. We are a hub of creativity, innovation, research and technologies. We specialize in the design and implementation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction measures, using CO2 as the denominator for resource efficiency and comparability across all business activities and industries. Dubai is transitioning to a low carbon economy, and Dubai Carbon is the enabler and knowledge repository in that process. This transition is incorporated into our DNA, and we reflect it in our brand mark through the Greek letter 'Delta' d. It stands for change, deviation from standard practice and, also for the initial of Dubai, the birth city of Dubai Carbon. Together with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) it forms a Private Public Partnership (PPP). In line with its pursuit for "excellence" and in compliance with its shareholders best practices, Dubai Carbon implements the highest standards in governance to ensure a functional yet fully transparent and well-governed approach.