Arauco Bioenergy

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ARAUCO is a forestry company that was established 47 years ago to produce and manage renewable forest resources, and has become one of the largest forestry businesses in the world, not only in terms of forest surface and industrial facilities, but in terms of efficiency, production standards, innovation, environmental responsibility and social commitment as well.

Arauco’s main businesses:

  • Largest forestry company in Latin America, controlled by the Angelini Group
  • 2nd world market pulp producer and 3rd world wood panel producer
  • One of the world’s lowest cost producers
  • Leading producer of biomass renewable power in Chile
  • More than 45 industrial facilities in 6 countries
  • 1 million hectares of plantations in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay
  • US$ 5,300 million in consolidated sales per year (2014)

Arauco in the Carbon Industry:

  • Arauco is the project owner and Arauco Bioenergía (subsidiary) has been the project developer since 2003
  • Developed first version of the consolidated baseline methodology for big-scale biomass projects (NM0081)
  • First forestry company to issue CERs in Chile
  • Fully owns and manages 5 big-scale biomass projects in Chile: 5 CDM and 1 VCS
  • Issued 2.9 million CERs (6% of all biomass-energy CERs issued worldwide, 2015 Risoe information)
  • Current potential capacity to issue 550,000 CERs per year and 250,000 VCUs per year