Welcome to PD Forum

The Project Developer Forum (PD Forum) is a collaborative association and collective voice of companies and practitioners that are developing and financing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction projects in all regions of our globe. The accumulation of in-depth technical knowledge and broad experience that our members have with global instruments such as the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Joint Implementation (JI), Voluntary Standards and Climate Finance, as well as with country specific initiatives and NAMAs, make PD Forum a unique platform and stakeholder for discussions around the reform of existing, and the creation of new policies and mechanisms to mitigate climate change.


New UNFCCC Website:

The UNFCCC has launched a new market platform for the voluntary cancellation of CER. We encourage our members to use the platform for the marketing of their projects. Please see the link here:

- http://www.climateneutralnow.org/


Our Latest Publications:

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- PD forum invites for its side event about double counting at COP24 on 6/12/2018 in Kattowice, Poland  - 20 Nov 2018

- PD Forum request valid solution for access to the UK registry in case of a no deal Brexit - 19 Nov 2018

- PD Forum position against double counting (Paris Agreement) and proposes a solutions - 27 Sept 2018

- PD Forum’s suggestions for improvement - Cook stove methodologies – 26 Sept 2018

- PD Forum comments on the draft South African Climate Change Bill - 8 Aug 2018

- PD Forum comments on Negative Development Impacts of CDM Executive Board Adjustments to Methodology AMS IIG - 17 July 2018

- PD Forum comments concerning ACM0002 methodology - 17 July 2018

- PD Forum comments on the sustainable development goals now included in the new Gold Standard - 31 Mar 2017

- PD-Forum submission to the UNFCCC - PD-Forum still unhappy with Local Stakeholder Rules for CDM Projects - 22 Feb 2017