HELIOZ is a Social Enterprise implementing safe drinking water projects that avoid or reduce CO2 and create social impact. Relying on our easy-to-use and environmentally friendly solution for water disinfection, the WADI device, HELIOZ provides safe drinking water to thousands of families across India, Africa and Southeast Asia – creating high social, economic and environmental impact.

Avoid. Reduce. Compensate.
HELIOZ is a strong partner for companies that join the fight against climate change and its effects. We connect entities with expert advisers for in-depth emission analyses and climate mitigation strategies. For those emissions that can’t be reduced yet, HELIOZ offers CO2 offsetting from its own projects.

The Technology “WADI”
HELIOZ own technology “WADI” serves as an indicator for the environmentally friendly method of Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS). Together with transparent bottles filled with biologically contaminated water, the solar-powered device is exposed to the sun. WADI will then indicate when the suns UV rays have made the water safe to drink. WADI has been tested by the World Health Organization (WHO) and approved as an effective method for household water treatment.

Good for the climate – good for the people
The change from the common method of boiling water for safety to the use of WADI leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions since no wood or coal has to be burned. An average of 2 tons CO2e per WADI/per year is avoided like this. But WADIs and HELIOZ’ impact goes further. Water-borne diseases are drastically reduced, resulting in substantial savings families otherwise spend on healthcare. Indoor air pollution is reduced and the burden on local forests lowered due to the decreasing need for firewood. Additionally, HELIOZ projects include a range of activities designed to initiate social and behavioural change in areas such as WASH (water, sanitation & hygiene) or women empowerment.

Sustainable project design
Creating positive environmental impact and integrating sustainability-based activities in the HELIOZ project design are key aspects of the operations. HELIOZ has an established network of local implementation partners. Following a „train the trainer“ approach, further community workers are trained to create longevity and added value in the regions. All participating households are visited and supported by our implementation teams regularly throughout the project. We create and organize inclusive group meetings to enable community members to exchange their experiences and encourage them also to share their devices to support as many people as possible. We also implement comprehensive recycling measures that ensure that all bottles that have reached the end of their life cycle are disposed of and recycled properly.